Local shop to bring back Gifford’s Ice Cream

February 16, 2016 12:11 am

WASHINGTON — The taste of a local brand of ice cream that disappeared years ago is being brought back: Gifford’s Ice Cream.

Mark Schutz, the owner of a Friendship Heights chocolate shop, wanted to recreate the Gifford’s Ice Cream experience so badly, Bethesda Magazine reports, he used a private investigator to track down the woman who owned the brand from the late 1980s through the 90s.
 Now Dolly Hunt has agreed to help Schutz’ family-run shop – Kron Chocolatier at Mazza Gallerie – bring back the taste of that much-loved ice cream, hopefully by April.
 The shop plans to sell it in containers such as pints or half-gallons, rather than in single servings.
 There’s one catch — Kron Chocolatier can’t call its yummy stuff “Gifford’s”.
 The name and logo was sold a few years ago to unrelated ice cream-maker, Gifford’s of Maine, which began selling its ice cream in the D.C. region in 2014.